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Welcome to Land of the Raising Sons

East-Meets-West Family that Values Affordable Family-Fun, Food, and Travel. 


The name, "Land of the Raising Sons" was inspired from my love of Japan (aka. Land of the Rising Sun,) and my two boys. By chance, life has taken our family to the Theme Park Capital of the World.

I am originally from Bangkok, Thailand, I first learned how to speak English in Australia, and I met my husband at Michigan State (go green!) I have spent parts of my adult life in cities like Bath, UK;

Austin, Texas; and suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. My blogs will reflect my diverse backgrounds,

where I have lived and traveled: from Bangkok to Orlando, and everywhere in-between.

I am all about a budget-conscious lifestyle. We have had to be disciplined with our spending habits in order to strive on mainly one income. From spaghetti Os to Trader Joe's, whatever we can save we

still will. Therefore, whatever I decide to purchase and recommend, I go through a lot of

reviews, and consider the functionality, design, value, and of course affordability.

I hope to share my joys, experiences (good and bad,) reviews and recommendations with you.

I hope you find my blogs useful, enjoyable, and enriching. 

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Ketsiree Tury

Foodie | Blogger | Content Strategist

I blog about affordable family-fun, food & travel around the Sunshine State 🌅 & Beyond ☕🥐🌸🍵 


Bangkok bred. Orlando based. The original blogger of Direct Bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap: Step-by-Step Journey. 

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