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Beautiful Christmas Tree Skirts under $25

As I retired our old tree because we needed more space, the old tree skirt was also retired. The old skirt came with our old house and as a budget conscious person, I used it because why not. Fast forward several years later, it was time to look for a new one. I had no idea how much tree skirts cost, $19.99? $24.99? Wrong! I just found out they are 40-50 bucks or more, and I wasn't even looking at an upscale store.

I even tried going to the dollar tree, I mean it's just the base of the Christmas tree right - who's looking anyway? No, don't go the dollar store route - there, I just saved you the time. The quality and the material is so bad that you would be better off without a tree skirt. Of course, I tried to go cheap and do a DIY that turned out kind of a fail.

So here is my DIY Christmas tree skirt, for a little belly laugh. They were made out guess mats. The idea and the execution worked out as I hoped, but as you can see, it just won't work.

Alas, I turned to Amazon, surprisingly there are some pretty ones that fit what we're willing to spend. I found my beautiful burlap Christmas tree skirt for under $14.99

cheap christmas tree skirts for under $25

So here is my list of beautiful Christmas tree skirts under $25. The prices may go up slightly as it can be changed anytime by the sellers. And yes, I have my bias on burlap tree skirts. Which is your favorite? Which one did you end up getting? Let me know!

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