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21 Best Cheap Eats in Orlando + Top-Rated Bonus Meal ($)

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

This list of best cheap eats in and around Downtown Orlando is golden. Looking for quick, delicious meals in Downtown Orlando that won't leave a hole in your wallet, or a cheap meal when you're lazy to cook? Are you visiting Orlando and looking for a break from the touristy prices? Then read on. I tried to compile a good value meal, that's not a big fast food chain, for under $10 per person. Some will even feed a family of four for under $25.

Yay to no cooking and happy budgeting!

1. Tien Hung Market Oriental Foods

Fresh spring rolls and other Vietnamese ready-made food, dessert, and pastries. I often drop by here to get a pack of fresh spring rolls (one pack contains 3 rolls with a delicious peanut dipping sauce,) a nutritious bite for around $3. They also have a decent Chinese bao that is a small lunch portion for less than $3. Tien Hung recently just "re-branded" their food service as Banh Mi Boy Bakery & Cafe. Their Banh Mi goes for $5.99 (although I wouldn't recommend their Banh Mi.) Dong A Supermarket at 816 N Mills Ave also has the fresh spring rolls available for $3.50.

Address: 1110 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

2. Paris Bahn Mi

Paris Banh Mi offer Banh Mi sandwiches with quality baguette starting at only $5 here. I usually get their combination Bahn Mi for $5.5 and my husband gets the grilled pork for $5. My boys like their ham & cheese pastry that goes for $2.5 a piece. We often stop by here to pick up lunch before our visit to theme parks. Paris Banh Mi also has plenty of pastries and dessert options available. I think their pastries are o.k. but their "French patisserie" is quite lacking.

Address: 1021 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

3. (Gyros) New York Deli Subs

Don't let the exterior or the 70s look and feel fool you. This small hidden place on Colonial by I-4 offers a delicious value meal, generous portion, and fresh ingredients. The New York style gyro sub sandwiches is served with a bag of chips and a soda for $10. They also serve other pastrami and other deli sandwiches, gyro salad, and "plate" options with rice, Greek salad and a gyro combo. New York Deli Subs was recommended to us by a foodie friend and it did not disappoint.

Address: 693 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801

4. Vietnam Cuisine

Vietnam cuisine is one of our go-to restaurants in Orlando. A hole in the wall place that consistently offers delicious and fresh food every time we visit, eat-in or take out. I was especially impressed with the takeout quality during COVID-19. A large bowl of pho, or the vermicelli dish (Bún chả) is under $10, and a Banh Mi here starts at $3. The last time I ordered take out it was a bit of a miss, but here's hoping that the regular chef was off that day.

Address: 1224 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

5. Beefy King

This "Home of the real roast beef sandwiches" has been around since 1968 and that is a 50+ years testament to their food and quality. A roast beef sandwich with tater tots and a soda go for around $10. Their basic meat sandwiches start at only $3.55 (Junior,) $4.55 (Regular,) and $5.55 (X-Large) with no upcharge for lettuce and onion. Beefy King's specialty sandwiches go for $5.50. Basically everything is affordable, and the cherry on top is they have a drive-through service.

Address: 424 N Bumby Ave, Orlando, FL 32803

6. Hot Dog Heaven

Hot Dog Heaven has been serving Authentic Chicago Hot Dogs since 1987. All of their ingredients are shipped from Chicago, talk about a commitment to authenticity! Chicago Hot Dog and Chili Dog start at $3.75, a basket option comes with fries, and a side will cost you $6.25. Most items on the menu is under $4, and a side of fries is $2.09. Thanks heaven for Hot Dog Heaven!

Address: 5355 East Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32807

7. Poke Hana

Poke Hana's regular menu may not be on the cheap side, simply because the main ingredients - seafood is just more expensive. My #cheapeats recommendation here is on their sides menu, the mighty spam musubi going for $3 each. If you're not a fan of spam, they have rice crispy tacos going for $3.75 each. 2 tacos combo with a drink will set you back $8.50. If you don't like seafood, you are in luck. Poke Hana serves chicken/pork/tofu/rice plates for $10.

Address: 1225A E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

8. King Bao

King Bao is probably the most underrated restaurant in Orlando, personally I think it's a gem. Every bao is crafted with the right mix of flavors, it's like you're going on a different culinary adventure with each one. It's also right next door to Royal Tea, my favorite bubble tea shop in Orlando. Definitely do the truffle tots and the bao combo. One bao is around $4 - 4.50. Try their seasonal lobster roll, it's better than the ones I tried in Boston.

Address: 710 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803

9. Chikin'

A value meal at Chikin' will easily feed a family of four, and only costs $18.95. We usually do the garlic wings, the chicken tenders, with the bulgogi waffle fries (my favorite.) We eat in, and usually have enough left over to take home for a kid's lunch portion. After dining in, we sometimes go nextdoor for some green tea love at Matcha House Tea & Creamery. The wings are not comparable to the Bon Chon or fried chicken in Asia, but it's a good meal nevertheless. We recently tried the wings in sweet gochujung sauce and it was pretty good!

Address: 813 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803

10. The Neighborhood Eatery

The Neighborhood Eatery is my go-to place for comfort Korean food. The Korean Entrees start at $9.99. I usually get the bulgogi plate and bibimbap, it's priced at $10.49 a plate. Try their fusion wasa-beef bowl, it's a house specialty. Any of the sandwiches like the Koagie or the Plain Philly will fill your tummy for just $7.69. Throw in a side of fries for $2.49. It's fast, it's affordable, and everything tastes good. The one downer is they are closed on the weekends.

Address: 231 N Magnolia Ave, Orlando, FL 32801

11. Pig Floyd

Pig Floyd's is one of our most frequently visited restaurants, either eating in or taking out. The food is always delicious and the quality has remained consistent over the years. See us there on Wednesdays, because kids eat free. I know it's "pricier" than most on this list but it's worth the money. Our favorite is the brisket and pull pork, with Mexican street corn, yucca fries, and the wholesome rice and beans. Their tacos menu start at $3.99 and side dishes are $2.99 and $3.99.

Address: 1326 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803

12. Lazy Moon Pizza

Cheap Eats Orlando Lazy Moon
Photo Credit: Tasty Chomos

Lazy Moon Pizza doesn't just offer one of the largest pizzas you have ever seen, the food and vibes are also very instagramable. A slice of their "Lazy Faves" start at $6.50 and their 20-inch pizza starts at $23.75. Lazy Moon is also located right next to Lineage Coffee, a hipster cafe that's definitely worth a visit. If you're from out of town you can hit 2 birds with one stone. Giant pizza checked. Cool cafe checked.

Address: 1011 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32803

13. Super Rico

You would think you're just grabbing a quick bite from this Columbian diner, but no, you have just discovered one of Orlando's secret food treasure. Check out their 'Rico Bowl' with white rice, black beans, lettuce, tomato, and a choice of meat, price starts at $8. Their specialty menus, 'Arepica*' and 'Patacon*' go for $9. Super Rico also offers empanadas (on the small side) with choices of beef, chicken, cheese, lentil, or guava & cheese for $1.75 a piece.

Address: 57 W Central Blvd, Orlando, FL 32801

14. 903 Mills Market

A laid-back cafe/market offering gourmet sandwiches, salads & breakfast menus. Their 'Big Mills Breakfast' with two scrambled eggs, cheddar, two bacon strips, Italian sausage, two pancakes, and a potato cake costs $8.99. Three slices of French Toast is priced at $5.99. A 'Monster Bagel' with roast beef, provolone, tomatoes, onions, and one egg is $6.49. We recently visited and had a few breakfast menus that we weren't too impressed with. We did enjoy the ambience, and the good value, so I am not ruling 903 Mills Market out just yet.

Address: 903 S Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32806

15. Black Bean Deli

Black bean Deli & Cuban Cafe is a chic eatery with an ambience that feels like a cafe. Well, it IS a cafe, with a dedicated coffee menu, they just have more food offering. Most sandwiches, and plate options: served with rice, black beans, sweet plantains, and green salad, are right under $10. They serve a lunch special consists of a 5 inch cuban sandwich with black beans and rice for $8.5. Their 'Light Bites' like ham croqueta is $0.75 and their empanadas are $2.5 each.

Address: 1835 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32803

16. Nha Trang Subs

I just discovered Nha Trang Subs while googling online for more promising cheap eats in Orlando. But I know exactly where this place is. It's a tiny shop tucked away near Vietnam Cuisine/ Dochi Donuts (that general area.) There are always customers in there, so I think the hundreds of positive reviews will hold true. The bahn mis are $5 each and they also have a Chinese steamed bun which I am looking forward to try. Note that they take cash only.

17. Beth's Burger Bar

I took notice of Beth's Burger Bar while on my search for the Best Cheap Eats in Orlando. Beth's Burger's catchy tagline is "One Girl can Beat Five Guys!" I wasn't sure about the mix of reviews at first, but overall I think the price point is on point. Signature burgers start at $6.49, chicken basket with fries at $6.99, a side of fries or tater tots are $2.49. Even Chicken Caesar Salad, with a choice of grilled, tenders, or blackened, is priced affordably at $7.95.

Address: 5145 S Orange Ave, Edgewood, FL 32809

18. Dixie Belle Cafe

Dixie Belle Cafe Best Cheap Eats Orlando
Photo Credit: Clint Watwood

Our family LOVES breakfast food so I was happy to learn about Dixie Belle Cafe from a reader (thank you Betsy!) Dixie Belle Cafe provides homestyle country cooking, and are known for their Sweet Potato Biscuits and Biscuits and Gravy. 3 Egg Omelets start at $8.29, Eggs Benedict are $9.59. I also love that they serve pancakes and French toasts by piece for $2.49 each, because I always want both. Cold sandwiches start at $6.99, hot sandwiches at $9.99, even their dinner platters, like Shepherd's Pie or Chicken Filet, start at $9.99.

Address: 7125 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32809

19. Olea Mediterranean Grill

Olea was recommended by my neighbors who agreeably gave the nods to this Mediterranean eatery. Pita with choice of spreads, protein, and toppings is priced at $7.89, a Bowl with choice of spreads, protein & toppings on a bed of couscous or rice is $9.29, and a Salad option with Fresh greens topped with spreads, protein, toppings, and dressing is $9.29. Greek Fries Basket and Chips & Spread go for $3.99 and $3.49. Finish off the meal with Authentic Baklava for $2.79.

Address: 2714 E. Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 32803

20. Chicken Fire

Chicken Fire serves a Hot Box, two jumbo chicken tenders served with Bread, Pickles, seasoned Crinkle Cut Fries, and Buttermilk Coleslaw for $10. They also have a Slider Box (that's not at all a slider size,) two mega Chicken Sliders, topped with buttermilk coleslaw, and pickles, sandwiched between two toasted buttery Brioche buns for $13. We have ordered a Hot Box and a Slider Box as a family of four, and the portion was plentiful. My one complaint is they put wayyyyy too much of their secret seasonings on the fries.

Address: 2427 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

21. Tortilleria El Progreso

Tortilleria El Progreso is one of our favorite no-frill restaurants. When you have kids you trade trendy for tu casa - mi casa atmosphere, you're not there to impress anybody but your taste buds anyway. Besides the delicioso Authentic Mexican food (so authentic you only hear Spanish spoken there,) Tortilleria EL Progreso is also a grocery store that sells bakery goods, Tortillas, ice cream, and fresh produce. Tacos start at $2 each, Burritos and Tortas Mexicanas start at $6.99. Check out their extensive menu here.

P.S. We just paid a visit after getting our vaccines and the homey feel is sadly gone after a major store expansion. However, the food is still delicious and the foreign vibes are still there!

Address: 6096 E Colonial Dr Azalea Park, FL 32807 (Located by the Home Depot East Colonial.)

Bonus: Fried Chicken at Publix

This is a bonus menu for visitors who stumble upon this blog. The award-winning fried chicken at Publix is highly rated and is the local's favorite. A whole pack of fried chicken that can feed a family of four costs around $8. So if you don't want to pay the tourist prices everyday, stop by Publix for some fried chicken greasy goodness. Note: Try to pick the box with pieces that are fresh off the fryer.

Address: Your nearest Publix Supermarket

And that's a wrap for Best Cheap Eats in Orlando. Know of any more good cheap eats in Orlando? Please share with me and I will be happy to add it to the list (If the reviews are promising and the price is right!) If you like this list of 21 Best Cheap Eats in Orlando, you can support my blog - at absolutely no extra cost to you by checking out my list of recommended items here.

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