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Easy Thai Green Curry Recipe สูตรแกงเขียวหวานง่ายๆ

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Thai Green Curry is one of my favorite Thai dishes and I personally love to eat it with rice vermicelli noodles or kanom-jeen ขนมจีน much more so than rice. If you haven't tried green curry with rice vermicelli noodles, I highly recommend it. What I would love to introduce you on this blog, however, is to pair Thai green curry with Roti or Paratha. Many Thai restaurants in Bangkok serve Thai Green Curry with Roti, so I didn't come up with this idea myself, but you can thank me later for it : )

Easy Thai Green Curry Recipe
Thai Chicken Curry with Thai Eggplants and Bamboo Shoots.

Note: This was my first time making Thai Green Curry with Thai eggplants. I don't care for them but my husband requested them, as this is how Thai Green Curry is actually served in Thailand. I like bamboo shoots so I put them in as well. Since this was my first time cooking Thai eggplants, I didn't know that you're supposed to soak them in water before cooking to prevent the browning. It doesn't affect the taste, but your eggplants will look fresh, green, and much more appetizing.

Easy Thai Green Curry Recipe
Ready-made Paratha or Roti from Trader Joe's. Just warm up in the pan for a few minutes!

Before we start cooking, if you're new to making curry, the most important thing with any curry is knowing how to blend in the right balance of flavors between the salty and sweet (and sometimes sourness) to the curry paste proportion. Depending on how much curry you're making, the key is to continually taste, and add the missing flavors to reach the well-balanced "umami" point. Keep in mind to add water and all seasoning ingredients sparingly. Remember, you can always add more later, but it will be a lot more difficult to balance out the flavors, once you put in too much of something.

I find that Thai Green Curry (when you use store-bought paste) is noticeably more spicy than Red Curry or Massaman Curry. Due to the level of spiciness, it is more difficult to blend in the flavors and reach umami point. Thai Green Curry sold in Bangkok is not that spicy, and on the contrary to the general perceptions of Thai food, most curries eaten and served in Thailand are not really that spicy.


- 200 g Green Curry Paste (this is the curry brand I use for all the curries I make) - 400 ml Coconut milk - 4 tablespoons of Fish Sauce - 1 tablespoon full of Palm Sugar (use this for all Thai curries, it makes a major difference, but you can use regular sugar to blend in the flavors at the end if your pot of curry needs it.) - Chicken, beef chunks, or your choice of meat (I usually cut up 2 small thigh pieces) - Thai eggplants or bamboo shoots (if you want to make an authentic meal) or any other veggies of your choice.

- Add water as needed for preferred consistency

- Jasmine Rice, rice noodles vermicelli, or Roti/ Paratha (find in the frozen section at Asian groceries or Trader Joe's.)

Optional (but highly recommended) Ingredients:

- Thai basil (makes all the difference, add to the taste and aroma.)

- Kaffir Lime Leaves

There's something about picking fresh herbs from your garden : ) Note that I do not have a green thumb and I have killed MANY kaffir lime and basil plants.

I also would like to point out that I just approximated the amount of ingredients, since I don't make just one serving of curry at a time. So the key takeaway is, taste and flavor as you go along. Curries always taste so much better the next day anyway, so why just make one-meal portion?


0. Make yourself a drink and turn on a #goodvibesonly playlist.

1. Cut up chicken. Clean and cut up eggplants or other veggies of your choice. I normally just use store bought bamboo shoots from an Asian market. Oyster mushroom is also a good addition for spicy curries.

2. Heat up coconut milk to a boil until you see the oil layer up top.

Easy Thai Green Curry Recipe

3. Once the coconut milk boils, put in the Green Curry Paste and stir it in well.

Easy Thai Green Curry Recipe

4. Put in your choice of meat. Stir and let it cook for 5-10 minutes.

Easy Thai Green Curry Recipe

5. As the curry is "brewing" on medium heat, I put in the Fish Sauce and the Palm Sugar . (Note: If you put in fish sauce when it's not boiling or hot enough, the taste/ smell will become fishy.) I like to put in seasonings early on for the ingredients to simmer and bind together (nomnomnom.)

6. Put in the oyster mushrooms/ the Thai eggplants or your choice of veggies in.

Easy Thai Green Curry Recipe

8. Simmer another 10 - 15 minutes. Turn up the heat on high for a minute, then add in the kaffir lime leaves and basil leaves to keep their herbal green colorings fresh.

9. Taste and add regular sugar or fish sauce if your curry needs it.

Easy Thai Green Curry Recipe

I hope you enjoy this easy Thai Green Curry recipe, the extra ingredients are highly recommended if you can easily find them. You can support my blog by checking out my list of Thai groceries or other recommended items here.

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