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Thai Seafood Dip Recipe - The Easiest Version

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Thai Seafood Dip is excellent with Pad Thai, noodle dishes, and of course all sorts of seafood. Nowadays I always make Thai Seafood Dip just to have available in the fridge, any time I want it. Once you have Thai Seafood Dip, you will always want it every time you have seafood. Consider yourself warned.

The good thing? It's easy to make and it will exponentially flavor up all your meals.


- 5 garlic cloves

- 4-6 Thai green chilies (if you have Thai red chilies too, throw in 2 for added coloring!)

- 5 tbsp. Lime Juice (fresh lime is best but I usually just use the concentrated lime juice.)

- 4 tbsp. Fish Sauce

- 1/2 tbsp. Palm Sugar

- a handful of coriander stem with some leaves (but the absolute best are the coriander roots)

- a pinch of regular salt

- a pinch of sugar

- a bit of soup broth/ water to bind the flavors together.

Double or triple the portion. It can be refrigerated well for up to 3 weeks (if you don't do the double dipping.)


Put everything in the blender and voila! Once you try Thai Seafood Dip, there's no going back.

Bon Appetit!

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