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Grilled Pork: Bangkok Street Food Recipe สูตรหมูย่างสุดฟิน

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

This Grilled Pork: Bangkok Street Food Recipe is my best (to date) replica of the grilled pork from back home. If you know Thai food, you will know that the best Thai food is sold on the streets, not so much in fancy establishments. Thanks to Coronavirus I have not been home in FOREVER, and its my duty to myself to feed my family and I the food I dearly miss.

This recipe is great for the whole family because kids can eat the grilled pork with sticky rice, and adults can have it with the jim-jeaw dip to add that extra flavor and spice. With the exception of my youngest, my spicy two year old who has a very advanced palette and loves the heat and rich flavors. Even if it's spicy for him, he will chug his milk bottle and keep eating. No joke.

After a Thai restaurant in Orlando charged me an arm and a leg for a tiny portion of grilled pork that was mostly fats, I am never again paying for this dish. Unless, I go to NYC or LA, where the taste is authentic and the portion is reasonable.

Anything I share, is usually one of my favorite dishes and what I cook for my family at home. I live in the US, and don't always have all of the ingredients (plus using ALL the ingredients will be rather costly when you live abroad.) Let's check out the ingredients and start cooking this feast.


Marinade these ingredients (overnight if you could, but a few hours will be fine too.)

- 2 lb of pork (I recommend pork butt/ pork shoulder cut - it's fattier, more tender and juicier.)

- 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil (I use avocado oil.) - 2 tablespoon of Thai Seasoning Soy Sauce ซอสฝาเขียว - 2 tablespoons of Thai Thin Soy Sauce

- 2 tablespoons Thai Oyster Sauce

- 2 teaspoon of ground Thai white pepper

- 1 tablespoon of minced garlic

- 1 tablespoon of honey

- a pinch of salt

- add 4 tablespoons of regular milk in the marinade to soften the meat (if you're lactose intolerant you can skip the milk.)

Optional (but highly recommended) Ingredients:

- 1 tablespoon of coriander roots/ coriander stem for the marinade mix


Jim Jeaw Dip

- 2 tablespoons of tamarind concentrate

- 3 tablespoons of Fish Sauce

- 1 tablespoon of Palm Sugar

- 1 tablespoon of Thai chili flakes

- 1.5 tablespoon of Ground Roasted Sticky Rice

- 1/ 2 chopped up shallots (depending on the size)

- 1 tablespoon of chopped up culantro/ cilantro/ spring onion (culantro is best or use all if you have all the herbs.)


0. Make yourself a drink and turn on a #goodvibesonly playlist.

1. Cut up pork into thinner pieces of meat to soak up the marinade and for the meat to evenly cook when grilled. If you buy a ready to grill size then no need to cut up the meat.

2. Mix in the marinade ingredients well first.

3. Fork the meat or poke the meat all over (this process softens and prepares the meat to absorb the marinade real well.)

4. Massage in the sauce and ingredients. It's best to marinate the meat overnight - but 2-3 hours will be fine too. (Note that I just put in the mixed herbs for Christmas mood, normally the garlic, coriander roots/ stems, and ground white peppers are the key herbs.)

5. Once the meat is marinated well, next up is the grilling of the meat. I asked my husband to help cook the meat on the grill. It's best to do a charcoal grill for the aroma and authenticity, but propane grill is fine ( or pan-fried is ok too.)

It was love at first sight AND first bite!

6. While my husband grills the meat, I work on the dipping sauce. Mix in the wet ingredients well with the pal sugar together first, then mix in the dry ingredients. And add in the chopped shallots and the herbs last. In the dip featured below I just added the cranberries and rosemary for the dip to look more merry and Christmassy.

And that's it. Just thinly slice the meat and bon appetit!

I turned my Bangkok Street-Styled Grilled Pork into a Christmas Dinner : D

I hope you enjoy this easy Grilled Pork: Bangkok Street Food Recipe สูตรหมูย่างอร่อยฟิน. You can support my blog by checking out my list of Thai groceries or other recommended items here.

Please let me know how you like this dish.

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