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Honey(comb) Thai Tea สูตรชาไทยใส่น้ำผึ้ง

Updated: May 16, 2022

This Honey(comb) Thai Tea recipe came about as I wanted to put my own signature into a recipe with milk as the main ingredient. This blog is not sponsored, but I was contacted on my instagram by T.G. Lee Dairy if I would be interested to be a part of their Ambassador program. I live in Downtown Orlando and live pretty much right next door to the Milk District. If you have heard of the Milk District, T.G. Lee Dairy is where it's at and hence the name of the neighborhood. The founder, Thomas Gilbert Lee (1894-1986), initially started T.G. Lee to produce dairy products for Central Florida.

So naturally it was like having a neighbor knock on your door and say hey, come on over and get to know us. So I was like, I would love to! This blog is my effort to support my neighbor, and what to me is, a local business.

"The Milk District is a cultural hub with a progressive lifestyle, music and arts scene, featuring diverse culinary experiences, colorful murals, recreational sporting and music venues, unique shopping destinations, community gardens, award winning bars, coffee shops and more." Source:

Photo Credits: 1) The Milk District Facebook 2) 3) 4) 5)

This Honey(comb) Thai Tea recipe is extra refreshing for spring/ summer weather. Since I'm Thai (if you haven't figured out my signature to the recipe) and I LOVE Thai tea, drinking it makes me feel a connection to my home country that is 8,000+ miles away. I wanted to make my own twist to a regular Thai Tea, so instead of using sugar and condensed milk, my Honey(comb) Thai Tea recipe calls for T.G. Lee milk and honey. (Did you know honey can help with allergies? If you have allergies, using local honey over time can help with your allergic reactions.)

So Thai Tea, milk, and honey feels like the perfect mix for my T.G. Lee recipe (my boys have allergies.) It also helps that I have a honeycomb ice-silicone tray. So the Honey(comb) Thai Tea recipe came about on one fine afternoon.

If you have never had Thai tea before, please try it. It is so aromatic that it could become one of your favorite scents, and I promise it will become one of your go-to teas. If you have had Thai Tea before and find it way too sweet, you're not alone. Even as a Thai kid growing up in Bangkok, and having been introduced to Thai tea as sweet as it is, I have always had to ask for less sugar. Making Thai tea at home, however, you can adjust the sweetness to your preference. I love the brewing process of Thai Tea, it will fill your house with its wonderful fragrance.


- Thai Tea ( I recommend these two brands, No. 1 brand or Hand brand ชาตรามือ or Panthai brand.)

- Honey especially local honey is recommended.

- Milk, especially T.G. Lee milk ; )



- Honeycomb ice-silicone tray


1. Brew the Thai Tea ( I recommend No. 1 brand or Hand brand ชาตรามือ or Panthai brand.) with hot water. Adjust the boldness of loose tea mix: water ratio to how you prefer your tea. I use this Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker to brew my Thai tea. Highly recommend if you want the options of brewing tea/ coffee into individual cups as well as into a 12-cup pot. Looks great on the countertop and has been working well for us the past couple of years. I usually use the "bold" option when making my tea or coffee.

2. After the loose tea is brewed, if you like your beverage sweet, you can add a bit of sugar or honey in this process. Wait for it to cool down a bit, then pour into the Honeycomb ice-silicone tray You can also use any other ice tray you have at home.

3. Freeze the Thai Tea ice tray for a few hours. This process is worth it, if you have the time, because it's not just for the presentation. As the Thai Tea ice melts, your drink becomes more tasty - not diluted.

4. Line the serving glasses with honey. I know I recommend using local honey but I didn't have it at home.

5. Add the Thai Tea honeycomb ice cubes into the serving glasses with honey.

6. Pour and serve the milk to the recipient/ guests for that extra special experience. Enjoy!

Thanks to T.G. Lee for inviting me to be one of the T.G. Lee Ambassadors. Now I have this wholesome, delicious beverage to enjoy and share with everyone. Let me know if you enjoy this refreshingly honey-sweet Thai Tea. You can support my blog by checking out my list of Thai groceries or other recommended items here.

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