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My Review of Interaction Design Foundation. Highly Recommended for UI/ UX courses.

Updated: May 12, 2021

Are you wondering if Interaction Design Foundation is worth your money and/or your time? Here is my user journey before and after I joined the Interaction Design Foundation.

Before I stumbled upon Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF,) I was interested in pursuing a master degree or an intensive certification in UX (User Experience) or HCI (Human-Computer Interaction.) My purpose was to make a career tweak, and strengthen my skills to re-enter the workforce. Professionally I have been in Digital Content Strategy and Social Media Management, however, I wanted to become more specialized in the content side of User Experience and User Interface.

Luckily while I was researching for User Experience courses, Interaction Design Foundation appeared on my social media feed. I have never been more thankful for "cookies." Compared to other affordable master programs (that would have cost thousands of dollars more,) Interaction Design Foundation was literally a steal. When I found the many courses on IxDF that I was actually interested in learning; such as Design Thinking, User Experience, Psychology of E-Commerce: How to Sell Online, or Human-Computer Interaction, I was sold. Even if I invest in a master degree, I would not have access to ALL of these great courses at my fingertips AND around my own time.

Before I commit to the membership fee, I wanted to attend the IxDF local meet-up first to get some insights from current members (this was right before the spread of COVID-19 in the US.) Through IxDF local meet up, I met with professionals who had interesting work and life experience that I could respect and connect with. It was genuinely one of the most resourceful networking events I have ever been to. I met a guy who just got a job in UX design, and I asked him, “Do you think taking the courses on IxDF help you get the job?” His answer was, “Oh, definitely.” Albeit I have to mention he was already an experienced graphic designer, by learning on IxDF, I think it gave him the knowledge and confidence to ace his portfolio and interviews.

When I made my decision to join IxDF, I was mostly excited about not having to spend my hard-earned money on a Master Program, where I will be paying for the prerequisites and many of the main courses that I have no interest in taking. With IxDF, however, there is an abundance of courses that I find intriguing and useful. I was also happy to learn that IxDF's "Course Certificates are trusted by industry leaders such as IBM and Adobe who train their teams with our courses. Universities such as MIT and the University of Cambridge include our material in their curricula."

You will be learning alongside people from these leading organizations.

Soon after I join Interaction Design Foundation, I received a postcard in the mail. It was another marketing effort for the win by the IxDF team. Coming from a marketing communications background, I give my nod of approval when companies take their time to do their CRM (customer relationship management) right. By sharing this postcard on my social profile, I helped to promote IxDF to my networks around the world (I am originally from Thailand, and I am now based in the US,) and I got an additional month of learning! Yaassss! Win-Win.

As I was studying on the platform, I felt like I was learning on multidimensional levels. Besides the courses, I always learn from the many ways IxDF communicates with me. It's not just what they teach you but also how they teach you. I admire their content, copy-writing, e-mail marketing, and so much more. As a digital content strategist where I plan, create, and evaluate content (and display,) I can tell you that Interaction Design Foundation is a carefully researched and well-formulated learning platform. (And they will go on to explain in details on the site, why they structure their lessons the way they do.)

Interaction Design Foundation strives to constantly improve and tweak the learning experience for everyone, and they have been doin so for over 18 years! For an online learning platform, that’s a seasoned veteran. Another feature I LOVE about this learning platform is their “user journey” touch points. Like where you’re in the lesson, how far you have to go, your rankings, your scores so far, and pretty much a progress report of everything to keep you informed and motivated.

‘Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach,’ is certainly not the case on Interaction Design Foundation. The instructors don't just teach but they DO and KNOW, from experience, what they are talking about. My favorite instructors back in my college days were the visiting instructors who have proven expertise through their work experience - which is what I really like about the instructors on IxDF. In addition to the incredible courses, IxDF also provide special master classes and I was able to join a live session for the class: 21st Century Design by Don Norman. The master classes are well-priced for non-members, but for a member I think it was less than 10 dollars!

If you were wondering whether Interaction Design is worth your money, or your time. I hope I have helped you make that decision. If you enjoy reading my review and decide to sign up for IDF, please use my referral link and join me and tens of thousands learners around the world.

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