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Limited Disney Christmas Merchandise at Disney Springs!

Disney Springs is one of my favorite places in Florida. We are Florida residents so we frequent this magical shopping and dining destination. However being relatively new to the Sunshine State, nor a Disney super fan, I didn't know about these limited/ seasonal Christmas Disney merchandise!!! Until today that is.

Disney Springs

Despite not being a Disney super fan (but a fan nevertheless,) I LOVE Christmas. So when you put Disney and Christmas together, it's just that much more magical with pixie sprinkles on top.

At first I saw people carrying around a White Christmas tree, and I got curious. Then I saw it at a snack cart and asked what it was. It was a popcorn bucket! So Disney x Christmas + a form of a food merch (big foodie here,) it's meant to be! The two guys that bought it in front of me told me that these sold out really fast. The cast members chimed in and said they are almost sold out.

white christmas tree popcorn bucket disney food merchandise blog
Limited Edition White Christmas Popcorn Bucket Photo:

Being a budget conscious person, I was going to wait and see first what else maybe out there during this year's festive season. I was wishing the Christmas tree bucket came in green, because despite loving a White Christmas, I didn't like the white color on this too much. The popcorn bucket does light up as well and retails for $25. Very niiice!

I planned to go check out new merchandise at The World of Disney Store, but due to coronavirus and the holiday season, there was an extremely long line to get into the store. And then..... I saw this shiny green mickey mouse ornament bell that made my eyes grow big. I had to know what it was, and more importantly where to get it. I asked a cast member to ask one of the Disney Springs patrons where she bought the merch from (she literally bought seven of them >_<)

Then I knew my purpose of the day. My targeted destination would be B.B. Wolf's Sausage Co., a kiosk I have never heard of.

christmas holiday merchandise at Disney 2020
The giant shiny bell ornament was a sipper cup!

I LOVE it! What a cute merchandise and it's perfect for the holidays. The mickey Christmas ornamental bell cup was around $15.25 before you add the drinks, the total price depends on the beverage of your choosing. I bought frozen lemonade in mine, but I think it's better to ask for the drink in a separate cup and just take the merch. I think mine ended up being around $17.50. A super cute Christmas Disney merchandise at a wallet - friendly price point.

It's got all the "bells" (and whistles,) and it also comes with different color light displays, amazing!

Limited Disney Christmas Merchandise, available at Disney Springs
Loving on my 2020 Mickey Christmas Sipper Cup

I got curious about all these limited edition seasonal Disney snack cart/ kiosk merchandise and started looking them up, and guess what? They do have a green Christmas tree popcorn bucket! It came out last year (2019) though. I learned that these items are extremely popular, they are limited edition and they sold out so fast. When I walked pass the snack kiosk, as expected, they were sold out of the white christmas popcorn bucket.

I also found my mickey sipper cup ornament bell, but in red.

You don't have to enter the Disney Theme Parks to get these limited seasonal merchandise after all. I hear the line gets quite a bit longer at the parks too. Although, I don't think the limited/seasonal Disney merchandise is always a guarantee at Disney Springs. Enjoy this wonderful festive season!

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