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Pet Friendly Places in Bangkok

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

A comprehensive list of pet-friendly places in Bangkok, a not so pet-friendly city.

It's important to note that most places in Bangkok do not allow pets, and that includes all the major parks around the city. This is unfortunately something I just found out after getting our dog, Sachi. We got kicked out of parks, which supposedly should be the most dog-friendly places on earth. Street dogs are allowed of course, but not dogs on a leash with owners who are willing to clean up after them.

dog friendly places bangkok; pet friendly places bangkok
Sachi's 1st time at a public park, we were soon kicked out.

These dog-friendly places in Bangkok, where we have personally taken our dog, were compiled in 2003 when we used to live in Bangkok.

1. K-Village Sukhumvit 26 

K-Village is a place where we took our dog to almost every week. It is our favorite dog-friendly place in Bangkok. They provide dog toilet area, as well as plastic bags around the premise for the owners to pick up after their dogs. Your dogs will get social here, you will likely meet other dogs walking around every time. We often ate at Wine Connection where many dog owners sit in the outdoor seating area in front of the restaurant.

2. J Avenue Thonglor 15 

J avenue is another dog friendly place with Au Bon Pain, iberry, and greyhound outdoor area to eat. This was a nice get together place when we want to meet up with our friends and tag Sachi along.

3. Asiatique Riverside, Chareonkrung 

With a large space, this is also another nice place to bring your dog. It takes quite an effort to get there so we don’t go there very often. However, with many outdoor area to dine and wine, Asiatique was one of the pet-friendly places we really liked.

4. Crystal Park, Praditmanutham Road

Another nice outdoor mall with cafes and restaurants with outdoor area to relax with your dog.

5. Zen Department Store, Central World (small dogs in carriers/ strollers only)

We have never personally taken our dog here, but I have seen small dogs at Zen many times. The dogs need to be in carriers or strollers, not a place to walk your dog but they can keep you company as you have a short stroll around the shopping center.

Update: Zen was rebranded in 2019. The retail space still remains but the old rules may no longer apply.

6.  Hua Mak Sports Complex, Ramkamhaeng 

dog friendly places bangkok; pet friendly places bangkok
Hua Mak Sports Complex Photo credit:

Hua Mak Sports Complex is where Indoor Stadium Huamark and Rajamangala Stadium are located. There is a huge field/ park in the front area of the complex and you will meet many dogs, big or small, as well as rabbits. There’s also a market every afternoon (after 4:30 pm) where you can buy food and picnic while hanging out with your dog. The place tends to get a bit crowded as families and friends hang out, and people come to play sports. As the complex is not a commercial area, it is more mass than any of the places on the list.

7. Mueng Thai Insurance Park (Small Park behind the Mueng Thai Insurance building) 

dog friendly places bangkok; pet friendly places bangkok
Photo credit:

We have taken our dog here several times. The field is quite big (at the back of Mueng Thai Insurance building.) and we often just meet 3-4 others dog at a time so there is plenty of space for you and your dog. There’s no cafe or hanging out area, but you can always buy something from 7-11 and have a few snacks on a bench in the park.

8. La Villa Aree

This is a small outdoor shopping mall, similar to J Avenue, we have been there to eat at the outdoor area of Greyhound or Starbucks. As for the actual area to walk your dogs around, there's not much there. A nice area to hang out nevertheless.

9. Park@Siam, Siam Square

We have taken our dog to Park@Siam a few times, I don’t think it’s technically pet-friendly, we just have never gotten kicked out yet the few times we were there. We usually go there after we take Sachi to Small Animal Hospital Chulalongkorn University, for check-ups and also for his neuter surgery. Park@Siam is a lovely place to walk dogs around. We have never seen other pets while we were there.

10. Ozono Sukhumvit 39

dog friendly places bangkok; pet friendly places bangkok
Ozono Photo Credit:

“Ozono has two areas – one that is enclosed that you pay to use and one that is open that is free to use. For the open area you need to either keep your dog on a leash or be able to control your dog around other dogs by commands. There are several cafes and shops there too. It’s on the corner (pretty much) of Petchaburi Road and Sukhumvit 39. There is a pet shop and a dog/cat hotel on site also.” Description from Frederikke – Thank you for your contribution!

Update: Permanently closed.

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