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The Easiest Chicken Satay Recipe สะเต๊ะแบบไม่มีไม้

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Chicken (or pork) satay is one of the most eaten appetizers served in Thai restaurants abroad. While Pad Thai is perhaps even more widely known than the country Thailand itself, Pad Thai is not as popular of a dish to the locals. Chicken satay's popularity as appetizers, however, holds true in Thailand (at least in Bangkok where I am from.)

This chicken satay recipe will be the most simple recipe on the internet, and you don't need much cooking experience. We will just be using a satay seasoning mix. All you need is prep time to cut up the chicken pieces, preparing the peanut sauces, and the condiments. Basically if you know how to stir and cut, you're all set. There will be no skewers involved, which save so much time!

Although this is a really easy menu, it is quite time consuming to prepare all the proper condiments. It is meant to be more of a weekend/ party menu, but you will find out that it's a lot easier to make than you think. Let's start cooking this popular Thai appetizer! : )


Chicken/ Pork Satay

- Satay Seasoning Mix (Both of these brands are good. I am linking the Lobo because the price on Amazon is very reasonable, but if you visit your local Asian store you can refer to these brands.)

- 1 kg of chicken or pork or extra firm tofu (little seasoning goes a long way, use less meat if you want a heavily seasoned satay.)


My own additions to the satay marinade

- 1/2 tablespoon of Thin Soy Sauce

- 1 tablespoon of Ketchup

- 1 teaspoon of Thai Chili Sauce


Satay Sauce

- 1/3 cup of Coconut milk

- 2 teaspoons of vegetable oil (link to Avocado oil which I regularly use here.)


Optional (but highly recommended) Ingredients:

Cucumber Dip

- 5 tablespoons of distilled vinegar

- 6 tablespoons of water

- 6 tablespoons of sugar

- 1/2 teaspoon of salt

- 1 cucumber

- 2 to 3 shallots

- 1 to 2 jalapenos/ serrano peppers (leave out the chilis for kids.)


0. Make yourself a drink and turn on a #goodvibesonly playlist.

1. Cut up thin long strips of chicken/ pork/ extra firm tofu.

2. Marinate.

Easy Chicken Satay Recipe using satay seasoning mix

3. Make the peanut sauce. Just mix in the 1/3 cup of Coconut milk with the peanut sauce mix. Note: I like my sauce thicker and used less vegetable oil than the recipe on the packaging.

Skip step 4 and 5 if you can do without the cucumber dip (P.S. I can't.)

4. For the optional, but highly recommended cucumber dip. On low heat, mix in the water, distilled vinegar, sugar and salt. Leave to cool.

You can also heat up water in a kettle and mix all the ingredients in a bowl, then leave to cool.

5. Cut up cucumber/ shallots/ chilis (leave out the chili seeds) When the cucumber dip ingredients cool down, put in the cut up cucumber/ shallots/ chilis.

Easy Chicken Satay Recipe using satay seasoning mix

6. Pan fry the marinated chicken/ pork/ extra firm tofu on high heat. By pan-frying the meat, not only does it save so much time, the meat also ends up mote tender and juicier. I'm not sure if I will ever go back to putting skewers on my satay.

7. You can add buttered toasts (toast and peanut butter, anybody?) and corn to make it more of a full meal too. Just wrap up the corns with aluminum foil and grill for 15 minutes. I also cut up some celery to make the meal a bit healthier.

This picture below has the skewers. The cut up pieces of meat without the skewers are so easy to eat for the kids, and adults alike!

Easy Chicken Satay Recipe using satay seasoning mix

I hope you enjoy this easy chicken satay by using a ready made satay seasoning mix. You can support my blog by checking out my list of Thai groceries or other recommended items here.

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